Our Story

Our story begins with Ryoog founder, Humoud Al Sabah, searching for a good place to eat breakfast in the early mornings or any time of day. “When you are up before the city comes alive and you want a proper breakfast.. or when it’s late in the day and all you feel like eating is breakfast, where do you go? Before Ryoog, there was no place to go,” recalls Humoud. “So I decided to close that gap.”

In 2010 in Shaab, a mixed residential/commercial area not far from Kuwait City, Humoud opened the first Ryoog location with 40 seats. “I’m a big fan of breakfast,” he continues, “so I instinctively knew what to put on the menu – everything that people eat for breakfast: eggs, vegetables, cheese, bread, pancakes and waffles, but I added my own twists. Ryoog is the only restaurant where you can order a Middle Eastern breakfast, an American breakfast, and a Kuwaiti breakfast each served the way you would get them at home.” And you can order them any time of the day between 6 a.m. until 11 p.m. In addition to the set menus, all menu products are also available ala carte.

Nowadays in Kuwait, Ryoog is a popular destination for families, business colleagues, travelers, and individual diners who hope to enjoy a satisfying, as well as healthy, breakfast meal. They come to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and to enjoy home-style cooking and generous portions in the warm garden atmosphere of Ryoog. For those who like to linger over breakfast, enjoying coffee, tea and conversation, Ryoog feels just like home.

Ryoog’s menu is unique, distinctive, and in demand not only in Kuwait, but also throughout the Middle East. It’s not just another place to eat breakfast; it’s the only place to enjoy an authentic national breakfast any time of day.

In Kuwait, there are two Ryoog locations, the original in Shaab, and a larger 80-seat restaurant at the Discovery Mall near Soor Street with a complement of commercial, financial and ministry offices and complexes. Of course, Ryoog also delivers to customers who are too busy to stop by for breakfast, or who want to enjoy breakfast at home or with their colleagues at the office.